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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

July 16th, 2022

While planning your wedding day down to the last detail before ever meeting your future beau may be going a step overboard, it’s important to begin planning not only the event itself, but also, your wedding look with lots of time to spare before the big day.

Thanks to Pinterest, finding inspiration for your wedding hairstyle is as easy as ever, but what about those hidden wedding hair tips no one talks about? How many days prior to your wedding should you wash your hair? How do you choose the best wedding hair for your personal style? What hair care tips should you follow before the wedding and for how long? Based on my own personal experience with brides and the wedding industry here are some helpful hair tips every bride must know to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams.

1. Picking the right wedding hairstyle

Do you want to have your hair up in an updo? Wear it down in soft waves? Maybe a half-up braided hairstyle? Wedding hair options are endless! Before you get too overwhelmed, take a deep breath and consider a few key factors first:


Your hair shouldn't be competing with your dress—it should complement it. If your dress is simple, it's safe to go with a more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is an extravagant ball gown full of embellishment and sparkly details, consider a more subtle yet elegant updo. If your dress has a gorgeous, open-back design, choose a side ponytail or braid to show it off. Basically, it's important to choose a hairstyle that matches your dress and personal style.


If your wedding takes place inside or during cooler climates, it's safe to go for those gorgeous cascading curls or any other hairstyle of your choice. But if you're getting married in a hot, humid climate, for instance, consider an updo, so you won't need to worry about frizzy hair sticking to your back, or your curls falling out. An experienced stylist can help ensure your hairstyle holds up by using Luxy Hair extensions as they are much more resilient to heat and humidity and hold curl better than your natural hair.


It's easy to fall in love with an intricate Pinterest hairstyle, only to find out that your hair isn't long or thick enough to pull it off. In this case, consider only looking for hairstyles that can be done on shorter hair. Otherwise, thankfully, you can wear hair extensions to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that the texture of your hair plays a part in the type of wedding hairstyle that will carry throughout the day, as well as hair accessories you may wear. “Heavy hair combs aren’t ideal for fine hair,” says Heather, so consider a small, jeweled hairpin or soft vine to add to your hairstyle.


Will you be wearing a veil on your wedding day? If so, keep in mind that “veils smash airy updos,” Opt for a sturdier wedding hairstyle like a low bun instead of a soft, wispy, loose updo to preserve your wedding hairstyle while wearing a veil.

2. Do a trial run ahead of time

Once you've decided on a hairstyle that you like, we can't stress how important it is to do a trial run with your hairstylist. Only when recreating the style in real life do the little “oh no’s” come out. Is your hair long enough for it to be safely secured all day? Do you have enough hair to make the hairstyle look as voluminous and impressive as the photo you've seen? Does it even look good with your hair texture and face shape? It's always better to address these last-minute surprises ahead of time, instead of stressing out the week—or even worse—the day before your wedding!

3. Bring visual references to your hairstylist...but not too many!

Providing your hairstylist with photos of exactly what you're looking for will help avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings. After all, everyone's idea of the perfect soft waves or updo is completely different. Be sure, however, to narrow the visuals down to 3-5 images, as too many inspiration photos may complicate the process and cause confusion.

4. Should you do your own hair for your wedding?

It is highly recommended for you to hire the right stylist for you. You need to do you own research on your local artist and see their portfolios and have a consultation prior your trial! Make sure that you feel comfortable and that your stylist matches your own style based on your taste and personality! This is crucial!

If you do decide to attempt the hairstyle yourself, we recommend practicing before your big day. Be sure to wear the hairstyle somewhere for a full day where you will be moving around and dancing, to see if it will hold up (cue the hairspray!)

5. Do NOT get a haircut right before your wedding.

Or any other drastic hair changes or dye jobs, for that matter, as they’re just too unpredictable. Instead, plan ahead and get a tiny trim a few weeks before the big day for healthy looking hair. "A lot of brides skip this step trying to get as much length to their locks but this will help with split ends, flyaways and of course blending your hair with your extensions." Be sure to also keep your locks nourished and moisturized in the months leading up to your wedding with regular, deep treating hair masks.

If you do go down this path and find yourself in an unfortunate predicament, however, hair extensions can save the day.

6. Be true to the real you

Remember that your wedding is your day. You decide what will make you feel happy, beautiful, and comfortable. If that means wearing your hair natural or rocking the simplest hairdo, so be it. After all, beauty radiates from within. Weddings are a happy and momentous celebration; however, they can last upwards of 12 hours. If you have never worn hair extensions before, rarely wear your hair up, or find elaborate hairstyles uncomfortable or difficult to manage, your wedding day may not be the right time to try something new.

A lot of the times, we end up basing our hairstyles around our dress whether it be wanting to show off the back or just to go with the wedding theme but it’s best to always choose what will make you feel the most beautiful and confident. A lot of hairstyles are quite versatile so with the right pinning or accessories it’s easy to suit a style to your dress!

7. Change up your look for the reception

Most brides have a second, less elaborate dress for the reception, to accommodate a night of dancing and merriment. Why not do the same with your wedding hairstyle? A second look for the reception is so fab! Consider having your hairstylist on site for a quick hair change or touch up in between the ceremony and reception.

8. Prep your hair accordingly the day before

Some hairstylists prefer for you to get a blowout the day before, so your hair is in the ideal state to hold a style on your wedding day If you have curly or frizzy hair, have your hair professionally blow-dried the day before, so it is smooth and polished in preparation for styling. If your hair is naturally smooth and easy to manage, it’s perfectly okay to shower the morning of. The stylist should be able to make your hair plenty prepped with products. One thing is for sure though: Never flat iron your hair before getting it styled. Either way, ask your hairstylist how they would like you to prep your hair for the wedding during your hair trial, to avoid any hair mishaps on the big day. If you plan to wear hair extensions and have never clipped them in yourself before, it's a good idea to see a hairstylist who has experience working with them.

9. Pack an emergency wedding hair kit

Inquire about the hair products your stylist is using on your wedding hairstyle, so you can purchase travel size versions to bring with you. If you cannot have your hairstylist on site for touch-ups, these extra products will be key saviors in a moment of panic. T

here is usually no need for a hair touch up if the stylist has done their job properly, an emergency hair kit is always great to have on hand for peace of mind. Other items to pack? Bobby pins, extra hair ties, a hairbrush, dry shampoo, and a travel size hairspray will always come in handy.

10. Shop around for the perfect hairstylist to match your vision

Some of us have been loyal to our hairstylists since we were in high school. Perhaps they know how to layer your hair just right or understand your hair’s texture when it comes to dyeing, to achieve that perfect balayage. Keep in mind, however, that hairstylists have their own specializations—if you’re looking for a bohemian, soft half up-do but your hairstylist is well known for glam looks, it may be in your best interest to give another stylist a try. Scout hairstylists in your area, peruse their work through Instagram, book a consultation, and don’t be afraid to branch out!

Have you recently gotten married and have more tips to share with upcoming brides? Are you newly engaged and in the process of planning your wedding? Did you already pick out your wedding hairstyle but have more questions on how to achieve the wedding hair of your dreams? Reach out to us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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