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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

We all know brides are super anxious when it comes to their skin and skin care routine right before the wedding day. But what they do not pay attention to is the smallest and simplest of details when it comes to skincare rules to scratch out the possibilities of a breakout or any other imperfections. So I am here to guide you through the process by talking about the 10 skincare rules that you must swear by from 6 months before the wedding day to get the glow from inside and outside for your Big Day!!

1. Eat wholesome and clean meals The first myth that we would want to burst for you is that skincare is not just about what you apply on your skin to make it look flawless. Rather it starts with what you eat because that is what reflects on your face. So, brides, I highly recommend that you eat nutritious wholesome homemade meals with a balance of protein, carbs, and fat!!

2. Hydrate yourself enough Another golden skincare rule that you will never stop hearing about is the importance of drinking lots of water for your skin. But remember that gulping water isn't a remedy for glowing skin but sipping it slowly and continuously throughout the day is. So download a reminder app if you need brides, but make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

3. Avoid stress and meditate regularly While to most of you this may seem like an undoable task, the fact is all the stress that you make your body and mind go through shows on your face in the form of breakouts or dullness. Meditating is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and body from all day-to-day wedding planning stress. Also, you can try any type of yoga to add exercise into your routine!

Topical Skincare Rules That Every Bride Must Follow 6 Months In Advance 4. Wear sunscreen every day We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of applying sunscreen every day to brides of all or any skin type. In fact, from six months before the big day, we do not want you to take any chances and therefore suggest a re-application of sunscreen after 4-5 hours. Sunscreen does not just protect your skin from sun damage but also with the other harmful UV rays that we cannot see.

5. Use an eye cream to protect your eyes For brides that did not know- the thinnest layer of skin on our body is around our eyes and therefore they need a lot of protection. They are also where the signs of ageing start to show first and eye creams are not just for people with problems relating to dark circles. So pick up a good eye cream today and add this skincare rule to your routine to protect, nourish and smoothen the skin around your eyes.

6. Exfoliate your skin regularly While your face must look bright and glowing on your wedding day, do not forget to take care of your body as well. By exfoliating regularly, you can ensure that the dead skin is removed. Exfoliating your face is important too, but only as often as your skin requires it. Although once a week seems like a decent frequency that suits most skin types. So, ensure that you exfoliate your skin regularly.

Skincare Rules That Involve Making Lifestyle Changes For A Glowing Skin 7. Sweat it out Another important part of skincare is sweating out all the toxins for that healthy glow. So if you’re not currently working out, then start today because it is those endorphins that you release which will help you to get a glow that is incomparable to the many products that you might think to work out to get a lowing skin.

8. Get that beauty sleep you need Another skincare rule that does not get enough attention to buy brides is maintaining a proper sleep cycle, with 7-8 hours of sleep and that too at a fixed routine time. Your sleep cycle does not just regulate your body but also it is functioning that directly affects your skin. 9. Give homemade face masks a try While cosmetic procedures are a fad in the current times, you’d be surprised to know what the things lying in your kitchen and refrigerator can do for your skin. So try giving the homemade masks a try as they are the safer bet that you’ll surely not regret.

10. Visit a dermatologist for any underlying skin problem For brides getting married in 6 months, now is the time you take skincare seriously. So if you have a pre-existing skin problem like acne, breakouts, sunburn, rashes, etc. that you have been complaining about since years, now is the time to visit a good dermatologist and get it treated. If flawless skin on your big day is something you’ve always hoped for, then take this step well in advance to see the results on the wedding day.

So, which skincare rules do you swear by? Share your thoughts on our Instagram page!

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Orlando Makeup Artist


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