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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

July 30th, 2022

From your dress to your hair, lighting and the menu, you likely don’t want the major details of your wedding to be left to chance.

Finding the right dress, setting up an appointment with the best makeup artist, and finalizing the perfect jewelry are essential to ensuring that you have your ideal look and appearance on your wedding day.

While you can have all the preparations done beforehand, it’s possible that mistakes can happen if left to the last minute and mess everything up.

Above all, the glow of happiness on your face is important to have on your wedding day. If you lose it somehow, no makeup artist or skin specialist will be able to restore it for you in time.

Beauty tips for the bride are important but what’s more important is that you don’t end up making mistakes that can ruin your look on your big Day.

So, if you know which mistakes to look out for, you’ll be able to avoid any and everything that can lead to challenges. To help, we’re sharing some bridal beauty mistakes to avoid before the big day-

1. Leaving your spa treatments for the last day

If you plan a visit to the spa, your skin will need some time to heal and relax after all the facials, chemical peels and other treatments you’ll get done during your stay. An important beauty tip for the bride is to get these done is days, if not weeks, in advance of the wedding.

Getting treatments done closer to your big day can actually affect your appearance if your skin doesn’t have enough time to recover and rest.

2. Getting a completely different haircut

No time is bad for getting a new haircut to change your style and complement your facial features. But getting a completely new hairstyle right before the wedding can be the riskiest mistake you’ll ever make.

Hair can take days to grow in, and it may take time for you to get used to your features and style with your new look.

So, you should stick close to your present haircut and avoid going for a drastically different look right before the wedding. A crucial beauty tip for the bride is to go for your classic haircut, that you have tried before, and you think you look the best in.

3. Trying your hand at skin and beauty DIYs

Beauty tip for the bride to avoid is indulging in DIY skincare. Trying DIYs before your wedding can land you in big trouble. There’s always significant risk involved in doing things on your own. While it’s good to try your hand at different things, doing so before your big day can actually end up in blunders that cannot be fixed in time.

For example, trying at-home facial waxing, and doing your eyebrows yourself can result in consequences such as mismatched brows to skin reactions. Also, self-tanning kits often have unpredictable outcomes. A good beauty tip for the bride would be to go for professional services to ensure nothing is out of place and the best results are achieved.

Ask about wedding packages from beauty salons to get complete beauty treatments for your wedding. Most leading salons will have a wedding care program, or your stylist will be able to make recommendations based on the services offered.

4. Using a new skincare product

If one thing has a big no-no sign flashing on top of it, it’s trying a new skincare product right before the wedding. This is really not the best time to experiment with your skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin, this should be avoided at all costs.

You never know what reaction the product may cause.

The ideal beauty tip for the bride would be to try new skincare products months before the wedding so that there is enough time to deal with reactions and allergies. Always stick to what you know, and what your skin is well-accustomed to.

5. Changing your diet plan

Typically, wedding couples want to look at their healthiest and most natural on the wedding day, which is great. However, measures such as unregulated pills and crash diets may lead to trouble. These approaches can cause fatigue and other long-term health problems.

Changing your diet plan is a beauty tip for the bride that should be avoided at all costs. Making impulsive decisions about changing your diet plan is as likely to backfire as it is to work.

The best thing to do is to maintain a healthy diet and rest adequately to look amazing on your big day. If the two of you really want to take an extra step, sign up for a bike ride or fitness class. This way, you can do something together that you enjoy.

6. Not knowing what look you want

Leaving everything to the discretion of your makeup artist can be a hit or a miss. You can either come out looking incredibly gorgeous or a complete opposite to your dream look. An important beauty tip for the bride would be to use discretion when deciding about the final look.

The best way to avoid this wedding day beauty mistake is to have a specific idea of what you want from your makeup artist. Of course the professional can refine your ideas to make them suit your skin tone and features well, but leaving it completely in someone else’s hands can be problematic. Ask for a makeup trial and photos of past clients to help guide the direction you’d like to take.

7. Choosing wedding venues that aren’t well suited

This isn’t exactly a beauty tip for the bride, but it does affect how she looks at the wedding!

Wedding venues play a huge role in your wedding day preparation process. You should keep the venue of your wedding in mind while making your final day preparations. For instance, if you have an outdoor and open-air venue, you’ll have to choose the makeup essentials accordingly, as you will be in direct sunlight. Knowing this, you can work with your stylist to design a look to match. Also, you’ll be contending with breezes and other environmental factors.

Because of this, it is best that you take the venue of the wedding into consideration. If you have an outdoor wedding venue, look for one that offers shade or a canopy for the wedding ceremony. Also, you’ll want to ensure that your wedding venue offers generous space for the wedding couple to get ready. This will keep you relaxed and comfortable as you prepare for the big moment!

All the beauty mistakes mentioned above are easily avoidable. If you aren’t careful, they can interfere with your plans and impact your happiness level. You don’t want to look back at your wedding day and wish you had planned ahead better. Instead, you want to relive your wedding with happiness for the way you looked and felt throughout the day.

A crucial beauty tip for the bride would be to stay extra careful with your skin and body if you want to have the perfect bridal look. And remember, this preparation starts months in advance! Knowing what to do, and what not to, will make things so much easier for you.


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